New e-book on engagement available next week

July 13th, 2011

Next week I’m releasing an e-book called Own It . The goal of Own It is to help you cultivate the sort of engagement that enables others to own your message for themselves. Here’s an excerpt:

You own your own message. It’s personal to you, but how personal is it to the people you serve? Your message is most effective when you transfer ownership. Your message then becomes their message.

Own It features new exercises and strategies you can use to help others engage with and acquire your message. I hope it will encourage and challenge you professionally and personally.

Send an email to others who may like to receive Own It. They can sign up here on the site in the right column.

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    What the internet can never do

    June 30th, 2011

    Organizations that thrive in the so-called Information Age will be those who understand that the best thing they have to offer people is not information, but interaction–real face-to-face interaction.

    The industrialized model we inherited is built on information dissemination. It culminated in the ultimate information disseminating machine: the internet. So now what? Organizations that insist on disseminating information will go the way of the encyclopedia. They will be dinosaurs.

    Organizations that thrive will do what the internet can never do. They will substitute dissemination for dialogue, information for interaction. The internet can never replicate the dynamic that takes place in a room full of people who are sharing ideas.

    Make the transition. The world no longer needs you to be a reservoir of information. We need you to become something far more valuable.

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      Adjusting levels of engagement

      June 28th, 2011

      “What counts is your level of engagement, not your level of accomplishment,” Sheila Hicks, internationally known fiber artist.

      This is a counter-cultural statement. Our culture values and rewards accomplishments, not engagement. But engagement is a requisite for great work. We produce little if what we produce does not stem from engagement: engagement in what we are doing, engagement with others, and encouraging others to engage with us and our work.

      Engagement is complete immersion and involvement in what we are doing without a view to what we may or may not accomplish. A high level of engagement is accompanied with an equally low level of concern about a final product.

      Engagement is obsession with process. When you lose yourself in a conversation or a project you are fully engaged.

      Here’s the irony: it’s by losing yourself in the process that you create products of the greatest value.

      I’m writing a new book about engagement. I’m completely immersed in the creative process. The book is taking directions I couldn’t have ever predicted and never would have experienced if I had predetermined what this product would become.

      What projects are you involved with right now? What’s your level of engagement with these projects? Are you lost in the projects or just trying to accomplish something?

      I find it helpful to answer these questions for each of my projects. It helps me leave the shallows of a mind focussed on product and dive into process’ deep-end. It’s there, where I’m fully engaged, that I know I’ll surface with things of value.

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