Complimentary Audiobook: The Teen Age

March 23rd, 2011

Audiobooks, I’ve discovered, are an ingenious way to learn wherever you are. So I decided to offer my book in an audiobook format and do it all completely free so that as many people as possible can hear it.

This is the unabridged audio version of my book, The Teen Age: 40 Reflections on Relating with Teens.

If you’ve not downloaded something like this before, here’s how easy it is: Look below where it says “Download” in grey font. Right-click or control-click (for Mac users) on that link to download the entire book.

Once downloaded:

> Burn it to a cd to listen to in the car
> Play it on your computer
> Put it on your ipod

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    People Change People Podcast – Episode #5

    June 11th, 2010

    Simplicity in human relationships is like glue: Over time it holds disparate pieces together. Most of the truly meaningful experiences I’ve enjoyed were simple: A meal and conversation with my wife, sitting by a river with good friends, watching my kids climb all over a fallen tree. So often we try to do too much. We move too fast. Simplicity is the art of doing less; creating more space to live, breathe, and be with others.

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      People Change People Podcast – Episode #4

      May 12th, 2010

      When we are transparent with others we offer others the gift of knowing us honestly. This does not mean they’ll like what they see. Too often, usually out of fear, we offer in the place of our true self an apparition; a look-alike stand-in. It’s important to remember that sometimes, when situations and relationships have proven unsafe, we do well to protect ourselves rather than risk transparency. Such self-protection can be essential for survival and sanity. But in relationships among those we trust and among those we serve, transparency is an ingredient we must not omit.

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