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August 8th, 2012

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    Rethink Your Job Description: A Practical Guide

    June 7th, 2012

    Data Disseminator or Engage Agent?

    We know too well how to be Data Disseminators, but we want to be Engage Agents.

    Rethink your job description. Be an Engage Agent instead of a Data Disseminator. This less mechanistic, more engaging job description draws people to you, your message, and what you have to offer.

    I’ve created a short video and printable PDF as resources for you and your team as you strive to be Engage Agents.

    Here’s how you can put these resources to use with your team:

    First, watch the video and print the, Rethink Your Job Description, PDF.

    Second, forward this email to others on your team. Ask them to watch the video and print theRethink Your Job Description handout.

    Ask the following questions at your next team meeting:

    1. “Which job description best describes our work as a team, and as individuals?”

    2. “If we could do three things to migrate toward being Engage Agents instead of Data Disseminators, what would they be?”

    3. “What single aspect of the Data Disseminator job description hampers us most? Which single aspect of the Engage Agent job description do we most need to develop?”

    A prediction and a promise…

    Prediction—these questions will precipitate resistance within yourself and others. That’s okay. In fact, it’s a good indication.

    Resistance of this ilk tells us we are entering a new, fresh territory full of promise. We resist it because it’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

    Keep in mind always that the safest, most comfortable paths fail to change lives, especially our own.

    Promise—you will engage people in a more personal, meaningful way.

    In time, operating as a Data Disseminator will seem unthinkable.

    Here you go! The Guide for Rethinking Your Job Description:

    Video tutorial

    Printable PDF (right-click to download)

    I hope you find these resources helpful.

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      Engage people more—Flip the Funnel

      May 3rd, 2012

      Do you funnel your message? If so, you’re not alone. Funneling our message is what we do most naturally. It’s what we see all around us, and what we grew up with.

      Funneling your message will disengage people. We all sense when someone is guiding us toward their conclusion, instead of helping us better understand on our own terms.

      Engage people more by flipping the funnel. Invert your approach to foster collaboration, curiosity, and dialogue.

      Tomorrow (Friday) I have the privilege of spending the day with a host of prevention leaders in Portland at my Engage Camp. Today I’m making sure I’ve structured the day to mirror an inverted funnel.

      Here’s a short video in which I talk about how you can do the same.

      (Note: For some reason the volume on this video is faint. Sorry about that. I recommend you turn up your speakers, or listen with headphones.)