New Education Transformation Videos

February 22nd, 2011

The University of Oregon’s Substance Abuse Prevention Program sponsored the production of this video on making prevention education—all education, for that matter—personal.  These videos walk you through each of the three phases of the personalized prevention process: Crystallize, Personalize, and Relationalize (C.P.R.).

For learning to be powerful and life-changing it must be personal. These videos walk you through three ingredients that must be in place to move educational approaches from abstract and impersonal to concrete, personal, and life-changing.

I want to thank the University of Oregon’s Substance Abuse Prevention Program for this opportunity. Bryan and Sabine, thank you for your help planning, filming, and formatting the footage.

Part 1: Introduction to Personalized Prevention Education

Part 2: C.P.R. A Meta-Curriculum for Personalized Prevention Education

Part 3: Crystallize Your Message

Part 4: Personalize Your Methods

Part 5: Relationalize Your Approach

Part 6: Get Away from Group-think

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